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Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is always evolving. We have developed three packages of digital marketing that help your business reach its audience in this wide vast digital space. While the digital marketing trends around the industries keep changing, it’s very important for every business to also go with the flow, try, test different strategies and stick to what works well for its niche. Spanora Media plays an important role in getting your business achieve its goals in terms of brand visibility, lead generation and client retention.


1,000,000 UGX Per Month


Facebook & Twitter

Package Details

3 quality branded posts

1 video per month

$80 paid campaign budget

200 followers per month

10000 post reach

50 high quality Leads


1,500,000 UGX Per Month


Facebook, Twitter & Instagram

Package Details

5 quality branded posts

2 videos per month

$120 paid campaign budget

400 followers per month

20000 post reach

100 high quality Leads


2,500,000 UGX Per Month


Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google My Business, LinkedIn, YouTube

Package Details

7 quality branded posts

3 videos per month

$200 paid campaign budget

800 followers per month

30000 post reach

200 high quality Leads

1000 views on YouTube